Emerging Artists Collective


The Emerging Artists Collective was founded by Roberta Govoni, Kat Stevens and George Jefford in 2021. Following our last two exhibitions, EAC is excited to keep supporting emerging artists to establish their art practice.

George’s practice occurs very organically through trial and error, experimentation and layering. The reclamation of previously cast-aside art forms like embroidery, crochet and book-binding is incredibly important in the work. She looks forward to the time when these skills are valued accordingly in the professional art world. Reconnecting with the body through stitching and folding – away from a highly digitised photography workflow – generates space for the depth of creative thinking needed.
Kat Stevens is a Photographer and Emerging artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. She has 7+ years experience in the Photography Field. Kat's interests lie in death, the taboo, abandoned structures and the unique. She uses her photography to provoke her audience and to provoke thought. She has just completed her Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at RMIT.
Roberta Govoni is an emerging artist and arts manager who has just completed her Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at RMIT in Melbourne. She specializes in exploring the passing of time in relationship with the culture of a place. Most of her artwork relates to the history of a site and the concept of the temporary vs. the contemporary. Born in Italy, she observes the differences in Australia's cultural heritage.